Quality used high end Italian and French saddles

Are your prices negotiable?

I may be open to offers on certain saddles. If one catches your interest, get in touch - it doesn't hurt to ask!

Is there a restock fee?

No, all you are responsible for is shipping and insurance to you, and return shipping plus insurance should the saddle not work out for you. 

There is a $25 restock fee on saddles purchased through Ebay "BUY IT NOW" listings due to the high commission Ebay charges sellers.

There is no trial period allowed for saddles purchased through my Ebay "no reserve" specials.


 How much is shipping?

Expedited 2 - 3 day air service on close contact saddles is a flat rate of $50 in the lower 48 and includes full insurance.  Expedited shipping to Canada is $80 and insurance is extra. 

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept credit cards online, Paypal or personal checks. Sorry, I can't accept Money Orders or Cashiers checks due to counterfeit issue.

Will you hold a saddle for me?

Unfortunately,  I can't hold saddles for anyone under any circumstances.  Sales are strictly first come first serve. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we ship only to the United States and Canada, and we ask Canadian customers to contact us before purchasing a saddle to discuss the length of trial time as shipping time will be longer and to calculate shipping and insurance costs.

Do you accept saddles on consigment?

Yes, I'm just starting to carry consignment saddles.  I prefer brands listed on my home page, however will also accept consignment County, Black Country, Amerigo and possibly a few other brands. If you're interested in sending a saddle on consignment, you must agree to allow your saddle to be sent on trial and the commission fee is 15% which includes advertising on several other websites, and cost/time for packaging and shipping.

Why should I buy used?

High end French saddles are meticulously crafted and balanced with both the horse and riders' comfort in mind.  For those who either can't or don't want to pay the typical MSRP of $4,000 to $6,500 for a new saddle, used is the ideal answer.  Typically, a high end used saddle will have been owned by a knowledgeable horseman and cared for very well.  In addition, these saddles hold their value exceptionally well and are a good investment in your riding career.  I can't count how many times a rider has said they thought they were the problem when in fact a poorly balanced saddle was impeding their ability and/or causing discomfort to their horse, only to find their issues disappear once riding in a properly fitted, correctly balanced saddle.

My horse is difficult to fit, can you help?

My first suggestion is to email me pictures, and send a wither tracing if possible.  I will do my best to find the correct saddle for hard to fit horses so long as I have the necessary background and information.

I've had fitting difficulties with "off the rack saddles", can you help?

One of the really wonderful things about high end saddles is that they are available with so many options.  If you are long in the femur and need a long/forward flap, it is easy to find in a used french saddle.  Whether you prefer a shallow seat, semi-deep, or deep seat, narrow or wide twist, short or long flap, front and back blocks or none, these saddles are made to fit a huge variety of riders.  If you need help, feel free to contact me with your height, weight, preferences of seat depth, blocks, twist, etc... and I will work with you to find your perfect "almost custom" saddle.  Some say that riders with a rounder thigh shape prefer a narrow twist as it gives their thigh a place to lay naturally.  Personally, I feel that if you ride in a half-deep to 3 point seat and use your femur as your natural base of support, you may prefer the narrow twist.  A wide twist may be heaven to one rider but cause hip discomfort in another... it is all a very personal choice.

What can you tell me about the brands you carry?

Antares website

Butet information

CWD website

Delgrange website

Devoucoux website

 PJ Delgrange website

Tad Coffin website

Will you buy my used saddle?

If your saddle is one of the brands I typically carry and in good used condition, I may be interested in purchasing it.  Please remember though that I am going to resell it and so will probably not give you a full price offer.  I can however offer convenience and a quick option to sell your saddle so you may move on to shopping for another saddle.