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SOLD Bruno Delgrange Partition (PJ Euro Pro) 17



17" Bruno Delgrange Partition, serial number 99 1182 P 17/4.  

The Partition is the choice of more than 80% of European "Delgrange" riders and sitting in one just once lets you know why! This model is made in France and is known in America as the PJ Euro Pro.  Theoretically the Delgrange saddles produced in France are made with superior leather to those made in America. I don't know how true the theory is but can attest to the fact that this particular saddle has gorgeous, butter soft leather.

 The tree measures 4.5" from felt dot to felt dot and will fit as a MW - W.  Flaps are a number 4 (3 would be "normal" for this seat size in a Delgrange so a 4 is just slightly long) and measure 13.5" from stirrup bar to bottom and 13.5" across the widest point. 


This is a gorgeous saddle with the following flaws: small amount of spotting on leather at back and front of panels and back of seat, most likely from a ride in the rain at some point.  Otherwise, beautiful to look at, well priced and incredibly comfortable with both front and rear blocks. Tree is guaranteed sound and panels are in very good condition.


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